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Oil is used in virtually every machine in the world. As a lubricant, it can be found in everything from giant ocean-going vessels to locomotives, cars and miniature engines. In factories, it is essential in equipment, machines and processes alike. Power stations, hydraulic systems and even wind turbines would grind to a halt without lube oil.

Oil has laid the foundation for our societal development and is, both literally and figuratively, what keeps our wheels turning. At the same time, it is also one of the modern world’s greatest environmental “villains”. It pollutes and, when combusted, releases large quantities of greenhouse gases. Oil is also a finite resource that needs to be used in a far more sustainable manner than what is presently the case.

About Recond Oil

RecondOil is a Swedish cleantech company that specializes in remanufacturing technologies for the sustainable use of oil, allowing lubrication oil, in principle, to be used in a never ending and fully circular economy.
We have complete process solutions for industrial lube oil applications and for processing slop oil, and are continuously working on expanding the technology into new areas and applications.

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