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New technology for climate smart use of oil

Cutting edge know-how of chemical and mechanical separation and oil composition/properties are the building blocks and foundation of the Double Separation Technology (DST). Adapting and integrating these components into a complete process solution with ROCCO-modules and our unique separation booster, makes it possible to continuously separate out impurities, down to nano size, from the oil while monitoring and maintaining desirable oil properties. The result is a super-clean oil that can be used over and over again in a closed loop.

The Double Separation Technology (DST) can be used for almost any kind of oil and with the flexible ROCCO-modules it is universally applicable – online or offline. With efficiency and environment always in focus we make it possible to handle oil in a sustainable way.


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◼︎  Close the oil loop

◼︎  Reduce oil consumption

◼︎  Reduce CO2 emission

◼︎  Reduce amount of waste oil and contaminated filters

Oil change cycle - with, and without DST

oil change cycle red

DST Process


  • is based on advanced separation technology
  • can be used both as on-line and off-line installations
  • can be built in different sizes
  • is using a minimum of energy and minimizes waste and emissions
  • is extremely cost effective
  • produces Super clean oil and safeguards vital oil propertie


DST applications

TB_11659_01_redOur technology can dramatically extend an oil’s service life and enables us to reduce lube oil consumption by up to 90%. The oil can be used again and again while remaining Super Clean. This not only increases productivity and ensures smooth-running processes, it also decreases costs, reduces energy use and gives environmental benefits.
The technology can be used for almost all kind of oils, such as:

– Straight Mineral Oils  
– Synthetic Oils, Lube Oils   
– Rolling Oils   
– Pressing Oils    
– Grinding Oils   
– Cutting Oils   
– Hydraulic Oils 

ROCCO Pilot plant


In our pilot plant we can test and simulate a number of process designs. This ensures that every customer gets the right configuration and optimal process solution of ROCCO for their needs.

 Simulation of full scale plant
Batch cleaning system, 20 – 60 liters

Variable process set up:
– Settling and/or centrifugal separation
– Capacity 0 – 300 l/h
– Separation speed up to 7000 g
– Temperature up to 70 C
– Type and dosing speed of separation Booster