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ROCCO™ Industrial

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Turnkey process solution for industrial oil system 

ROCCO™ can clean oil in batches or in a continuous flow. Use it as a standalone unit and connect to the existing oil tank, or integrate the modules directly into your process. Depending on the application and the lube oil used, ROCCO™ can be configured in a number of ways. It consists of a base module, ROCCO™ BASE, and a final separation module. The base module is the same for all types of oil. Determined by the specific application, the separation module may be made up of a number of settling tanks or one or several high-speed separators. The whole process is fully automatic. ROCCO™ is easy to integrate with your existing lubrication oil system.

Just plug and clean!

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Technical specifications


ROCCO™ BASE holds oil reaction chambers, equipment for storing and injecting separation boosters, pumps, heat exchangers, waste containers and all process equipment including a Siemens control system. All process equipment are made of stainless steel and come mounted on skids for easy transportation into the factory.

◼︎ Our unique separation booster technology
◼︎  Alfa Laval high speed centrifuges
◼︎  Alfa Laval heat exchangers
◼︎  Siemens control system
◼︎  Stainless steel tanks and piping


ROCCO™ Online installation

A kidney in your oil system

ROCCO™ Online, works like a kidney in your oil system, integrated directly into your process. ROCCO™ keeps your lube oil SUPER CLEAN at all times. Contaminants will be removed at the instant they are formed, resulting in extremely clean oil. This will reduce your lube oil consumptions by up to 90% and at the same time increase productivity and improve quality.


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ROCCO™ Offline Installation

Circular economy in practice

With ROCCO Off-line you can create a fully and truly circular use of oil. By using our high quality ROCCO oil, designed for long life with high grade base oil, and the ROCCO separation technology it is possible to completely clean and upgrade oil for further use in your application.  Create your own innovative value chain in your market!


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